Silk’n Laser Hair Removal Reviews At Home

Silk'n permanent laser hair removal at home

With the advancement of technology, the techniques of hair removing also evolved. Moreover, hair removal is a healthy procedure for personal hygiene. Silk’n infinity method for removing unwanted hair is safer for both men and women. It is a method of permanent removal at home for a lifetime of pulses. Silk’n infinity hair removal method can be used at all body parts with unwanted hairs.

Why is it special?

The silk’n infinity laser hair removal will provide professional results at the comfort of your home. The device will disable hair growth from roots with the help of eHPL light pulsing and galvanic energy technology. The method is painless and safe and can easily perform at home without hassle. With silk’n infinity IPL laser system there is no need of cartridges and gives 92% reduction in hair growth. Moreover, we find some most special features of this method in Silk’n Laser Hair Removal.

  • Painless and easy to use aesthetically pleasant procedure of hair removing.
  • 12 week treatment will give 92% permanent reduction of unwanted hairs.
  • Safe for both men and women.
  • Save your time and money and get professional results at your home with no struggle.
  • The device uses technology which uses pulses of light to control un desired hair growth.
  • The procedure will give 100% results without redness, irritation and ingrown hairs.
  • You can use laser hair removal treatment at any skin type and at any body part.
  • With the regular use of this method you will see long term reduction of hair growth.

Feature and specifications of Silk’n laser hair removal at home:

The features and specifications of Silk’n permanent laser hair removal at home give professional results with use of advanced laser technology. The method has high speed repetition of light pulses. The other noticeable thing is the device has a silk’n laser hair removal bikini area. Furthermore, it is a most advanced and faster way to put a full stop on growth of unwanted hairs.

Design and shape:

The design of the device is cordless, moreover, the machine stands in upright position without any holder. The product is made up of non bendable plastic. In addition to this, the design of the machine is portable and you can easily store in your go to bags.

No refill cartridges needed:

The feature that stands out from all other hair removing devices is that the device doesn’t need any charge and battery. The silk’n infinity device comes with 400000 pulses so there is no need for the replacement of cartridges with this device. The procedure of using this device is simple; you only need to plug the cord into a nearby socket and can use it with ease. With just simply plug in you can remove hair from the face, under arms, hands, legs, arms and bikini areas easily. According to Silk’n laser hair removal, the feature without battery and charge makes this product the most special and hassle free procedure.

Lifetime Pulses:

The other catchiest feature is unlimited lifetime pulses. This feature makes this product highly durable and effective to use. So you can use this product as long as you want. On the other hand, this device does not require any proper maintenance protocols. 

Safety instructions for users: 

Silk’n laser hair removal device has 5 intensity levels. The levels range 1 to 5 from low to high range. You can use any range which suits you or work for your skin and hair type. According to Silk’n laser hair removal , high ranges produce greater results, Silk’n infinity hair removal device assure long lasting result with constant use.

The product doesn’t work on naturally dark skin complexions and on tanned skin. On the other hand, the product is safe for other complexions and approved by FDA. Furthermore, the product is safe for home use and works greatly on light complexions.

The product is not for use for areas around or near the eyes. Moreover don’t use this product on tattoos and permanent makeup. Do not use on black sports large freckles, nipples, genitals, lips, birthmarks, moles, open wounds, and infections. Do not use this product if you are pregnant. Always read the user manual before the start and you can also consult with your physician.

According to users of silk’n infinity devices, there are several advantages and disadvantages to this product. Let’s take a look at some pros and cons of this device according to Silk’n permanent laser hair removal at home review

Things that we like about Silk’n infinity device:
  • Comfortable to use with easy procedure of use.
  • No battery, no worry of charge, no worry of replacement cartridges.
  • Perfectly work on lighter tone skin.
  • No irritation and redness during use.
  • Safe for home use.
  • 5 different intensity rangers for removing hairs.
  • With one simple click, change the energy level form 1-5.
  • Lifetime pulses with unlimited flashes.
  • Safer for use on bikini areas.
  • Work for both male and female equally.
  • Voltage input range is 100-240 volts.
  • Efficient and durable product.
  • The mouthpiece has a 3cm2
  • 60 days money back warranty with 1 year warranty card. 
Things that we don’t like about Silk’n infinity device: 
  • No work well on dark tone skin.
  • The product is expensive.
  • The device can only be used with a cord.
  • No multiple nozzles.
  • No additional accessories.
  • Take some duration for results.

First impersonation:

The design of the product is compact and in beautiful white color. Moreover, the design is sleek and heavy. You will get user manual with the product, where you will get complete guidance of use in different languages. You need to completely follow the instruction for accurate results. Furthermore, the product will come in a beautiful box which you can easily carry in your bag. After unboxing you can place the device in upright position without any support or uphold. The only thing you need to do is to plug in a device to a nearby socket to start the treatment. The design is so beautiful and comfortable to handle that you will fell in love with this gadget.

What inside the box of silk’n infinity laser hair removal device: 

  • Silk’n infinity laser hair removal tool.
  • 1 Plug in cord with feasible length.
  • 1 user manual.

How does permanent laser hair removal work? 

Remember you can get severe results if you don’t use a hair removal device in a proper way. So it is necessary to use this product with proper guidance from the user manual to avoid any discomfort. In the user manual there are proper instructions and guidance of right use of the product for customers. It is highly recommended to carefully read the instructions of use. There are clear instructions for manufacturers and also some important notes that you need to read before starting. For instance, laser hair techniques are not recommended for pregnant women and for persons with any medical condition or with any skin infection. In addition to this never start the procedure with a high intensity level. Always take starting from low range to high range. Try to stick with the level that is tolerable for your skin.

After going through the instructions of the user manual now it’s time to get into the point of how permanent laser hair removal works. This user guide is also for silk’n laser hair removal bikini area.

  • The first step is to shave the area where you want to perform the procedure. Moreover the skin should be dry free from any creams or powders and deodorants.
  • Plug in the one side of cord to the device and the other to the nearby socket.
  • Now start from the lowest energy pulses by pressing the button, the indicator light will turn on.
  • If you want to change energy level just press the button quickly and repeatedly from level 1-5. You can quickly jump from level 1-5 cyclically.
  • Apply the window of the device directly on the skin. Just make sure the device comes in full contact with the skin. The device will show indicator light in a blinking way during treatment.
  • Now press the pulse trigger. It will help to determine the color of skin for safe application. Firstly the device will flash a pulse of light on your skin and will hear subtle sounds. You may feel mind sensation or warning tingling.
  • After that the device will immediately be ready for the next pulse. Now you can move to another area to treatment. You can apply flash and go in two ways, pulsing and gliding.
  • You have to perform the procedure in the same way until you get the desired result. After about 8 sessions you will get permanent hair removal from laser treatment.

What result do you get by using silk’n laser hair removal?

Here we will discuss some results that we find by silk’n laser hair removal at home review.

Remember you will be able to get the desired result only if you use the exact method of treatment. However, there is the following cycle of treatment to get a perfect and complete result of permanent hair removal treatment at home.

  • Treatment 1-4: two weeks apart
  • Treatment 5-7 four weeks apart
  • Treatment 8+: treat as needed until the desired result is achieved.

Maintenance: you can keep up if you visualize any growth.

If you see there is some more need of treatment you can increase the sessions up to 12 sessions. In the first session maybe you don’t see full results. In this case don’t become upset, this is a gradual process so you need to wait. It will always advise to shave before every treatment. After 3-5 sessions you will notice fewer hairs and feel smoothness in skin. Moreover, you can observe the shave process with more ease. Usually, after 3-5 weeks there will be no need to shave more.

With the gradual process, you will see bald patches and your skin will start growing smoothly. You will see proper results after 8 sessions or depending upon your skin tones it may take more than 8 sessions also. For smooth results, we will recommend you to proper top-ups after carefully monitoring your skin. This process of permanent laser hair removal at home is a little slow, so you need to wait for proper results.


Is it safe to do laser hair treatment at home?
Yes it is safe. With advancement of technology you will find everything is on the go. There are various manufacturers who claim that their products are completely safe for use at home. This claim is true also and many people are getting benefits from it also. The only thing we will recommend you be concerned about is the proper way of laser hair removal procedure. Until you are doing the procedure in the right way, everything will be perfect and safe for use. However, the product we are reviewing here is totally safe to do laser treatment at home. With silk’n infinity laser hair removal tool you will find full comfort in removing unwanted hair at your home without any hassle.
How long will silk’n permanent hair removal at home take for permanent hair removal?
It depends on your skin color and type of hair on your skin. It will also depend on the procedure whether you perform in the right way with full indications or not. Most probably you will get results after 8-5 sessions. However, if you still find any inconvenience you can prolong this procedure for a longer time. For proper results don’t be in a hurry and continue performing procedures until obtaining full results.
Is silk’n infinity laser hair removal work properly on bikini areas?
t rid of unwanted bikini hairs after some sessions of treatment. This method will give long term reduction from hair growth and will give soft touch skin. With the regular use of bikini lines you will observe fewer unwanted hairs grow back. In addition to this with regular use you can permanently get rid from bikini area hairs.
Does silk’n infinity hair removal device really work?
From good customer ratings you can easily get an idea how many people are enjoying permanent reduction of unwanted hairs. There are lot of 5* customer rating which indicates silk’n infinity hair removal device really works for permanent removal of unwanted hairs. With this method you will get rid from expenses of saloons and other painful methods of hair removal. With the pulses technology of silk’n infinity you will get smooth skin results after some sessions of regular use. Furthermore, it also works properly on all body parts including bikini lines. So we will highly recommend you to give this product a try, you will find amazing results.
Can I use silk’n infinity hair removal device for my face hairs?
wounds and infected places. With proper guidance, you can use this product for face hairs also. The other thing you should notice here this device may work not as properly if you have dark skin tone. For fair colors the device is perfect to use. You can gently perform the procedure for upper lips and for chin areas as well as for other parts.
Is the color of skin really matters for laser hair removal?
yes skin tones matter somehow in the procedure of laser hair removal. Usually removal of hair from lighter skin is easier than on darker skin. We are not saying on darker skin you will get harmful or no results but maybe you need to endorse some extra pain or extra time for completion of this procedure. On the other hand it is easy to remove hairs with laser treatment from lighter skins with soft hairs. The other thing you should notice is that it also depends on the type of hairs. For instance, if you have thick hairs the procedure will be more difficult than for lighter or softer hairs.
Does laser hair removal treatment can be done with no pain?
No, it’s not like that. Maybe you heard from manufacturers that there will be no pain with their device or the procedure is painless. Somehow it’s not true. You have to endure little pain. If you have dark skin tone and thick hairs then maybe you feel the procedure is painful. However, for lighter skin and light and thin hairs it’s not so painful. However, it does not mean any pain. During the procedure you will feel warm pickling feelings. On the other hand, it is highly recommended to perform the procedure on the tolerable range. If you are tolerant to 5 intensity then you can perform at this intensity, if not then always do treatment at tolerable ranges.
Is this silk’n infinity laser hair removal used for men also?
Yes it is equally beneficial for both men and women equally. However, this device is not for persons with any medical condition or any skin infection. Moreover above the age of 16 it is for use by anyone.
My hair is red. Can I use this device?
Yes this device can be used for red, brown, black and gray hairs perfectly. The only required thing is the hairs have enough pigmentation to catch the light.
How can I activate eHPL technology?
The silk’n infinity device uses eHPL technology for permanent hair reduction. There will be electroplates with the bottom of this device which are used to activate eHPL technology. All you need to do is simply touch the electroplated with your finger. Just simply hold the device with the help of fingers from the top and back sides. During the procedure just hold the device with one hand and touch the window of the device to hairy areas.
How do silk'n infinity devices work?
works to open the pores of skin during treatment. On the other hand, optical energy works to easily access the hair follicles. Moreover, the optical energy will absorb energy and help to remove hair quickly. After procedure we will recommend you to apply any lotion and you will observe smoothness in your skin. The reason is due to galvanic energy the pores will be open and you will feel radiant skin with glow.

Product specifications:

  • Product dimension: 5.08 L, 3.05 W, 2.03 H, (inches)
  • Item weight: 4.8 ounces
  • Manufacturer: silk’n
  • Item model number: B07CBP8PQ3
  • Customer reviews: 3.7*

Closing thoughts:

In this article, we give silk’n permanent laser hair removal at home review completely. Silk’n infinity device is a perfect choice if you are planning to find a method of permanent removal of unwanted hairs. This product is safest and quickest to get desired skin with no unwanted hairs. The silk’n permanent laser hair removal device doesn’t require any replacement of cartridges. Furthermore, there is no battery or charge with this device, this feature will make this product a highly recommended and effective method to perform laser treatment at home. Now it’s time to get rid of all old-fashioned methods of removing hair and give you ease with this gadget featured with advanced technology.