Panasonic vs. Epilady vs. Remington Epilators- Smooth & Shiny Skin


Epilation is the easiest and cheapest way to remove hairs and achieve shiny skin for weeks. Woman who moved from waxing to epilating always liked epilating due to the low cost, time, and pain. The first time is the toughest. Once the first epilator is chosen and the first epilation is done, it is very easy to get used to it. It can be tricky to choose the right epilator as there are hundreds of epilator companies and each of them making their items based on the needs of the customers. It should be remembered that epilators are specific for specific parts of the body like epilators for bikini lines, epilators for the body, epilators for nose and eyebrows, etc.

It is always a good choice to buy a product from a renowned company. Panasonic, Epilady, and Remington are currently ruling the epilating industry. In this article, we explained the features to check before choosing an epilator and make a comparison of the features of these top brands.

 Comparison Table


  Panasonic Epilator for women Epilady Epilator for Women and men Remington Rechargeable Epilator for women
Features Panasonic Epilady Remington
Power Dual speed and excellent tweezers. Ruling since 1980s. Complaints about tweezers.
Wet or dry Both available Both available Cordless is better.
Battery Less battery life. High battery life. Moderate battery life.
Material Hypoallergenic material. High Carbon stainless steel and plastic. High carbon yield steel and plastic.
Design Ergonomic design. Elegant look Excellent grip in hands.
Accessories Less extra accessories. More accessories. Moderate.
Price & Warranty Average price and warranty of 2 years along with money-back guarantee. A little higher price and warranty of 1 year in most the items. Fewer prices with a warranty of two years along with a money-back guarantee.

Why Choose Panasonic Epilators? 

The Panasonic is a first in class epilator that is meriting its cost. Out of the apparent multitude of epilators we have audited, Panasonic epilator truly has demonstrated itself to be one of the absolute best. Rather than making various epilators for various utilizations, Panasonic has incorporated all their innovation with one device.

Panasonic perhaps offers the best epilators to expand the delight of self-care. The epilators for ladies merit its expense from various perspectives because most of them are being multi-useful. From eliminating undesirable hair to eliminating callouses on your feet, Panasonic epilators will oblige a wide scope of your self-care needs.

Panasonic includes a wide and well-shaped epilation head just as double wide circles, and accuracy turning tweezers. The turning tweezers immovably catch, hold and concentrate hair neatly at the root without causing you any torment or giving you any distress. At the end of the day, you will encounter least torment and receive greatest proficiency consequently.

Panasonic promises hypoallergenic sharp edges and foils are thoughtful to the skin and they do not bother even for the most touchy skin types. The internal edge and external foil ought to be supplanted once every one to two years contingent upon the recurrence of utilization.

The accessories offered are authentic and simple to-introduce. Additionally, to make hair evacuation more productive, Panasonic highlights on light weight that enlightens the skin as you move over it. By methods for it, you will not miss any thin and difficult to-see hairs.

Most of the Panasonic epilators are 100% waterproof gadget which makes it ideal for both dry and wet use. You can certainly utilize your shaving gel or cleanser with it to make the epilation cycle simpler, snappier and more wonderful. Additionally, after you are done, you can basically wash the gadget submerged and that will be the finish of the cleaning cycle.

Panasonic cordless gadgets will give you more opportunity to move it around the shapes of your body. It accompanies an AC charger for the current source. Charging of the unit takes an hour while activity time can be hours. Ultimately, the most gadgets have two-speed modes so that you can browse to your own solace.

Features that make Panasonic better than others

  1. It has 48 tweezers that are equipped for eliminating hairs from the root quickly and proficiently.
  2. It very well can be utilized to eliminate hairs from everywhere on your body including pubic hairs, legs and underarms.
  3. Dual speed settings.
  4. The fundamental adornments are a wide double circle epilation head and a delicate epilator head.
  5. Different frill incorporate a trimmer head, a shaver head, a pedicure support, a movement pocket, and a cleaning brush.
  6. It is light weight.
  7. It can be a wet and dry epilator.
  8. Least painful.
  9. Two years warranty and a 30-day guarantee. 

Why Choose Epilady Epilators? 

The Epilady is a top name in the epilator industry. The brand has been around since the first Epilady in 1986 and has collected an extraordinary standing in the market.

Epilady is publicized for their most grounded and quickest epilator. The mother of epilator, Epilady Classic was the epilator ever sold and utilized.

Epilady altered the hair expulsion market by being the first truly fit for hauling hair out from their underlings. Uniquely in contrast to all the epilators we find in the market today, the Epiladyframework did not depend on tweezers, yet on a pivoting electric curl with a spring that is curved precisely into a lopsided circle. While the gadget travels through the legs, the hair gets trapped in the spring, and it is then pulled out from its root.

The Epilady facial epilator is worked by basic AA batteries, which are incorporated with the device. The undeniable bit of leeway of this is that it is helpful and simple to utilize anyplace, especially when voyaging abroad and no compelling reason to stress over taking connectors.

The battery cover is situated on the rear of the gadget and is anything but difficult to remove.​As an overall suggestion, it is in every case best to utilize new batteries of the equivalent ​type when supplanting, and not utilize a blend of either unique types of battery or old and new.

On the off chance that you do not anticipate utilizing the gadget again for a month or more, it is fitting to eliminate the batteries to dodge the danger of harm from spillage. Such a battery can be effectively supplanted and are accessible pretty much anyplace.

Epilady epilators are reasonable for use in the shower or shower or anyplace where it will come into contact with water. It is explicitly intended to delicately eliminate fine facial hair and is consequently not reasonable for use anyplace else on the body.​It is light and thin which makes it ideal for when you are voyaging and it is helpful to utilize anyplace.

Most Epilady epilators come with a zipped conveying pocket and cleaning brush and is covered by a one year producer’s guarantee. In the event that you have never been amped up for these new gadgets that accompany a few connections and current highlights, this is not the ideal epilator for you.

The Epiladyepilator has been available for thirty years, and numerous individuals actually get it. The spinning curl framework may not be the most appealing as far as solace, yet it doubtlessly manages the work in less time than all the top epilators on the lookout. In case you are searching for comfort, however, you can consider skirting the Epilady epilators.

Features That Make Epilady Different from others 

  1. It is ultra-efficient for removing hairs from large areas of the body in only a few minutes.
  2. Provides Long-lasting results.
  3. Can be used cordless while charging.
  4. 2 speeds settings.
  5. Less noise than most epilators.
  6. Portable and good for traveling.
  7. Strong battery life.
  8. Comes with a 1-year warranty.

Why Choose Remington Epilators? 

A brand of epilators entrenched on the lookout; Remington gives a scope of epilators to the women who are searching particularly for usefulness.

The Remington epilators have variable tweezers. So, it takes care of business perfectly. It is better when you just need to epilate once like clockwork because it thrashes shaving hands. But you ought to be cautious when you are doing the congested region as this really hurts the most. But you would have speculated that at any rate. Another enormous bug bear is that it can sever longer hairs which get irritating.

Caps are included with the Remington epilator to assist you with holding the gadget at the right point and it may additionally come with a cleaning brush.

With all epilators when all is said in done, Remington provides double speed settings; the higher speed is for coarser, thicker hair and the slow speed for fine hair or more delicate zones of the body, for example, underarms and swimsuit line.

Throughout the long term, we have tested numerous epilators including other Panasonic models and Braun, Remington hurts the least for unknown reasons. We think this is on the grounds that it is actually quite quick and the tweezers ensure that you just need to go over the region a couple of times. We got this one simply dependent on the value and it is also modest to purchase. We did not imagine that it would be acceptable. It most unquestionably has more valid statements.

This epilator is splendid on fine hairs and even long hairs and it is incredible for utilize everywhere on the body. What we do not care for is exactly how uproarious it will be, it resembles a fly plane taking off. It makes loud noise.

Fortunately, you can remain smooth for quite a long time in contrast to shaving. At the point when you use it increasingly, it gets less difficult as the hairs develop back at a better rate. If you have thick hair and Remington has generally approved of your underarms, face, two-piece zone, and legs. It is the best all over body epilator that you can get at the cost.

In the event that you are on the lookout for a simple to operate epilator at a spending value, Remington epilator is a very decent purchase.

The head rotates entirely well around the facial structure and shapes and it is not terrible for touchy skin and extreme whiskers. Nonetheless, it is clearly not going to be as amazing as the more current models, in spite of the fact that at this cost you cannot turn out for a snappy and simple choice. Furthermore, the substitution heads are truly reasonable.

We figure it would make a decent buy for somebody who needs to evaluate an epilator unexpectedly without a lot of expense in the process.​

Features That Make Remington Better than others 

  1. It has an light to feature any missed hairs
  2. More than 75% of analyzers found the epilator did not aggravate skin.
  3. Most analyzers found the epilator compelling on wet hair.
  4. Comes with several awesome caps.
  5. Message cap.
  6. Travel friendly.
  7. Easy to use.
  8. Comes with user manual.
  9. Two years of warranty.
  10. Less price.

What We Think of Panasonic Epilator? 

Panasonic is a truly respectable brand and epilators are one of their exceptionally evaluated items. It has been available for some time now and has been utilized by numerous ladies. We accept that Panasonic makes an exceptionally powerful epilator with an extraordinary exhibition for the worth. On the off chance that you do not want to ruin yourself with pedicures alongside your epilation meetings in a saloon costing a large amount of money, this may very well be the ideal epilator for you.

The Panasonic epilator is another strong decision. It offers some cost investment funds compared to the Remington, yet accompanies some compromises in terms of quality.

As far as we can tell, the shaver head is exactly viable, and that is an element you will utilize frequently. And keeping in mind that you may love the possibility of the pedicure, you should know that Panasonic will keep going long enough to merit paying extra for.

The Panasonic is a decent, however not astonishing, epilator for legs. We would suggest thecap for any individual who is not knowledgeable about the torment of epilating. But it is significantly less incredible and will takelonger to get smooth bald legs. So, it questionably takes a tad bit of the edge off for novices. We would suggest going over the two legs with the extra cap first, at that point going throughout a second time with the normal cap will help.

The epilator can leave you with certain knocks and spots on your legs, yet they disappeared subsequent to applying some cream. Since the Panasonic can be utilized wet or dry, you can use several other methods to reduce pain.

The Panasonic epilator played out much preferred on dry skin over it did on wet skin. The directions state to utilize shower gel on the head if you need to utilize the epilator in the shower. Utilizing the epilator in the shower will not leave your legs smooth within a short time and however, it will be less agonizing in general. So, we believe it’s best to simply utilize this item dry.

In any case, the Panasonic is unquestionably compelling at its primary work. Furthermore, it comes from a solid maker with a decent standing. This settles on it a strong decision for a reasonable wet and dry epilator. So on the off chance that you need all the usefulness at a lower cost, and are happy to surrender a couple of solace highlights to get it, this might be the best epilator for you.

Some Panasonic epilators have a turning head which makes it incredible for utilizing on your legs which is a lot simpler than attempting to contort your knee around to get at the bends of your calf. For knees and lower legs, the double heads are great and got all the hair on the principal endeavor.

Panasonic epilators are not awfully noisy. You can tune in to music during the cycle and if needed to turn up your speakers during epilation. However, it is unquestionably calmer than different epilators we have attempted and it sounds less. The light weight is exceptionally helpful for ensuring you do not have any wanderer patches of extremely fine or short hairs that got disregarded.

The Brazilian Panasonic epilators are fabulous for underarms. It does not squeeze the skin like different epilators and your underarms will be smooth and delicate a while later. There will be some redness and irritation, which is not out of the ordinary yet considerably less than we have encountered previously.

You can complete both my underarms rapidly simply like your legs. We found that dry underarms are the most ideal approach to get all the hair rapidly without an excessive amount of agony. You will in any case observe redness and bothering thereafter, however it disappears rapidly.

You can go out in a bathing suit a couple of hours in the wake of doing your armpits. We envision that the Panasonic epilators would be ideal for any touchy zone.

What We Think of Epilady Epilator?

The EpiladyEpilator is explicitly intended to eliminate fine and coarse hairs. It utilizes the conventional Epilady spring loop to eliminate the hair from the root, instead of the circle tweezers that are more normal these days in casual electric gadgets. Epilady epilators are complete with cleaning brush and it is light and conservative. Moreover, they are ideal for voyaging.

There are still individuals who depend on the 1987 Epilady and have really utilized it since the day they got it. We even read about somebody who had their charging link broken following 20 years and figured out how to chase down a substitution. Epilady really made a great first impression in 1987, so they certainly have the experience to assemble a strong gadget.

Furthermore, regardless of certain reports of individuals saying their Epilady epilators break when they are dropped, we feel really strong about it. However, we did not toss it on the floor.

Epilady epilators have pleasant size, weight, and have elastic grasps as an afterthought to guarantee that its simple to deal with and is ideal for voyaging.

The head is wide and comprises of sharp tweezers circles that can convey decent tweezes every moment. This implies its appropriate for epilating bigger territories, for example, the legs, and it is publicized as being extraordinary for legs, thighs, stomach, face, and the Brazilian or private territory.

It’s certainly conceivable to use on the face as long as you are cautious and exact. In the event that the huge head and tweezers put you off with high speed. You can use the dual-speed mode.

In case you are searching for a solid epilator that will not burn up all available resources and will work well for you, at that point, you may think about the Epilady epilators.

What We Think of Remington Epilators?

The Remington is a low-evaluated, simple to utilize, essential epilator which can be cordless or corded. If you require an epilator to dispose of the hair on the top lip, this might not allow you.

Anyway, it very well can be utilized everywhere on the body. It is however less excruciating than different epilators that we have tested. So, it is better to investigate these Remington epilators in the event that you are considering this specific brand.

Remington epilator requires some time to do if you do have thick hair. It can take you a little more than an hour to do both of your legs.

In most cases, you will just need to epilate once every month. So we assume that it spares you time and it absolutely beats shaving ordinary. We can assure you that you will not return to shaving once you get into epilating, it is marvelous.

The Remington epilator works extraordinary on long and even short hairs. You can buy this one on the grounds that the head moves smoothly, we have perused awful audits where individuals battle to get the best outcomes with an epilator since they cannot locate the correct point to utilize it at, you do not have to stress over that with Remington epilator. In the wake of perusing the Remington epilator audits we were intrigued, we just needed to leave a survey on account of how great it is. You can utilize it everywhere on your body with incredible outcomes.

The Remington epilator can be exactly what you are searching for, functions as depicted. The main negative thing that you need to state and it is somewhat boisterous and it will leave red knocks on your legs. You can shed before use and your legs will not go as red. It is anything but difficult to keep clean, you can likewise utilize it on your jaw, it works incredibly there too just as legs.

If you have exceptionally thick coarse hair and then the Remington epilator will eliminate the vast majority of it with a couple goes over. It takes around 30 minutes to do the two legs; you may be quicker in the event that you can stand the torment in a way that is better than others. We love the way that it has a light and can be utilized in the shower, makes it simpler to get even the littlest of hairs.

Comparison of Panasonic, Epilady& Remington Epilators:

  1. Power of the Epilator: The standard is that the more tweezers it has the more hairs it eliminates from the root with a solitary pass. The intensity of an epilator is essentially given by the number of tweezers it has. Those little rotatory tweezers are the ones liable for pulling the hair from the root. Epilation is not as quick as shaving or depilatory creams yet a remarkable epilator could accelerate the cycle faster. There are a few ladies who whine about the way that epilation it too moderate yet at any rate, it’s significantly more basic than waxing. While you can even now discover spring-type and pivoting circle type epilators, most available today is tweezers-type. They highlight a head with various plates of metal, typically, that turn consistently, working like tweezers to pull out undesirable hairs. You can discover epilators with quite a few tweezers from 6 to 80 so this will give you a smart thought regarding what you can hope to discover accessible. Panasonic epilator head is made for bigger surface regions, for example, your arms and legs. The connection permits both low and high number of tweezers to be uncovered with the goal that it requires some investment to complete these territories. The more tweezers implies the more hairs pulled. Epilady has been delivering epilators for quite a while and producing some dependable models. With 72 tweezers, it can be one of the most impressive epilators you can discover. In the event that you have coarse hair, this may be the best epilator for you. We love the alternative to utilize it either wire or cordless which is truly helpful. Remington epilator head is not that wide but the tweezing hair evacuation framework highlights tweezers based on the area of the body. Truth is stranger than fiction. Remington is viewed as extraordinary for most epilators and the way that the budget friendly and minimal epilator has tweezers set up is amazing. To have a thought, the more the tweezers, the more powerful is the hair evacuation method.
  2. Cord or cordless: There are two most broadly utilized sorts of epilators today i.e. the cordless and corded epilators. Headways in battery innovation have made it feasible for the improvement of cordless epilators that work utilizing lithium particle type batteries. In contrast to their more established kin, a lithium-particle battery holds of charging for a long time and does not become debased in charging. Cordless epilators offer transportability since they can give convenience and be taken anyplace when voyaging. The drawback to a cordless epilator is its use time. A normal cordless epilator’s capacity can last between 30 minutes to one hour after it has been charged. This is worthwhile for you on the off chance that you can epilate in that specific stretch of time. As per a dermatological examination, more than 60% of ladies lean toward wet epilators to dry epilators. The best epilator for ladies is what can be utilized while washing up or warm shower. That exploration uncovers how warm water can open your pores and empower your epilator to take care of its responsibility significantly and with extraordinary speed for sure. Wet skin evidently desensitizes and hoists your solace when you epilate. Epilating with your wet epilators, in any case, implies it is not burdened by running water or stuck on your skin; this can mean decreased epilation time for the individuals who have occupied timetables. Epilating your legs when they are under running water is cleaner and more sterile since you can wash off the epilated hair right away. A decent quality wet and dry epilator for legs can help take care of the work quicker. The Panasonic epilator is full re-chargeable for cordless wet or dry use. Full re-charging takes around one hour and gives about 50 minutes of epilation time. This is expanded to around 60 minutes when utilizing the delicate cap. Red light hits on to demonstrate that the gadget is charging and it goes out once the full charge has been accomplished and it is prepared. Moreover, shaving cream or gel might be utilized with the epilator or shaver when utilizing the gadget wet.​
  3. Caps& head compatibility: The Remington epilator head is wide and has a progression of rotational tweezers, giving wide skin inclusion, appropriate for use on legs and arms. It accompanies effortlessly snapped on cap connections, one for quick epilation and others for delicate epilation, suggested for first-time clients or those with touchy skin. The Remington accompanies a cap fitted to assist you with keeping the epilator at the correct position while utilizing at a 90-degree point to the skin. It is removable by leaving from the back for cleaning purposes, however ought to consistently be set up when the epilator is being used for safety. To set the cap back on, it is simply clicked once again into place.​As you already know, the Panasonicgentle cap has a skin defender to hold the skin down while epilating. This gives a gentler epilation intended to downplay uneasiness. The Panasonic epilator head turns by 60 degrees so that great contact can be kept up with the skin around all shapes of the epilating zone.The epilady epilator head comprises of a spring loop which is constantly turned by the battery worked engine. As it should be obvious, the spring is bowed so that at the highest point of the head curls opens up at the base and they can be shut together. The hair gets between the open loops of the spring and removes as the curls near one another again.As the loop keeps on turning the hair is pulled out at the root.
  4. Speed control of Epilator: Each epilator must have two paces i.e. Ordinary and high speed. At the point when you turn on the epilator by squeezing the catch on the front, the epilator naturally works at ordinary speed.High speed mode is quicker of the two and takes into account epilation to be acted in the briefest time. To change to high speed, you need to press speed change again. Generally, a green light will illuminate to demonstrate that the gadget is in high speed mode.Soft mode eases back the pivot speed of the plates to limit individual distress and disturbance.The gadget is turned on by pressing the catch upwards towards the head, and there are two positions. It would then be able to be cleaned by flushing submerged. The principal position is the slower speed for better hair and touchy zones. The subsequent position closest to the head is the quicker speed for thicker and coarser hair.The 2-speed framework is useful for various reasons. It’s pleasant on the off chance that you are a novice and need to begin moderate as it assists with beginning delayed to become accustomed to the torment and afterward proceed onward to the higher speed setting. It is additionally great in case you are a veteran in epilation and need to upgrade for productivity with the subsequent setting.For touchy territories, it is ideal to have a more loosened up speed to work at.
  5. Battery life of Epilators: How the epilator charges is significant. One that associates straightforwardly to the charge flexibly and is utilized on a link will most likely more vigorous, regarding cutting force. Nonetheless, a cordless, battery-powered one will without a doubt be better for movement and in a hurry. Furthermore, you need to look at the revive times and cordless shaving times. On the off chance that you require a more extended, point by point epilation, you need one with a more drawn out epilator without charging.Another bit of leeway of Panasonic epilator is its battery life. A great many people grumble about short battery lives, long charge times or disintegrating battery. With the recent Panasonic epilators, we have not encountered such issues. This is an enormous advantage in the epilator world.
  6. Design of the Epilators (h3): Panasonic has an ergonomic plan that will find a way into your hand and to the forms of your body consummately. It arrives in a womanly striking various tones and has a level and thin plan.The heaviness of an epilator is significant as you will grasp it and moving it around for some time. It should be lightweight all together not to put any strain on your wrist and arm. In that regard, we can say that you will feel entirely good with Panasonic.Some state that the best items were those made before as they are sturdier, they are straightforward and more compelling. In case you arein this group, it implies you will adore the Epilady Classic. It is a straightforward looking epilator, with a retro-style spoke to by the curl and the brilliant white-hued body. It is created in a simply the manner in which it seemed as though when it was first dispatched. The Epilady Classic is smooth. It gives you a decent hold while epilating.
  7. Price & Warranty (h3): It is always a good practice to check price and warranty when you are under budget. It is possible to get a decent epilator under fifty dollars. On the other hand, we recommend not choosing an epilator which has warranty of less than six months.In case of price comparison, we rank Remington first, Panasonic second and Epilady as the third.Panasonic offers about 2 years of warranty and 30 days money back guarantee in most the epilators. Remington does the same. But Epilady offers less warranty in their items i.e. roughly 1 years.

 Panasonic vs. Epilady vs. Remington- Our Verdict

Panasonic, Epilady and Remington are well-established brands of epilators. It is always better to choose a product from a renowned brand.

An epilator is an electrical gadget that seems to be like a shaver. Despite the fact that rather than essentially cutting the hairs, it utilizes numerous little tweezers to pull hairs from the root. Somewhere in the range of 10 to 72 of these tweezers, it can turn on the top of the hair removal items and snatch different hairs all at once.

The absolute first epilator was planned and delivered in Israel during the 80’s. It worked by the utilization of a turning loop spring but because of the nonstop flexing of the spring, they would in general break decently without any problem. This prompted the plan of the turning circle epilator which was dependent upon much case because of its closeness to the first.

The best epilator on the market is not necessarily the most expensive one as you do get what you pay for. Price ranges are usually determined by the brand and the features that come with it. Some epilators may be as inexpensive as $25 while others could cost as much as a $200. The one thing in common that all epilators have, though, is that they do not have to be replaced often making them worth their prices.

Epilators are currently smoothed out for proficient and torment decreased preparing. They have hypoallergenic earthenware plates to diminish disturbance, massagers to decrease torment and concentrated gadgets for specific pieces of your body.

By and large, we suggest choosing a wet and dry epilator from a legitimate brand to kick off. This will give you the most dependable outcomes, the most secure insight, and the most helpful cycle.

We trust this guide has given you a superior comprehension of epilators and helped you to choose the best epilator for you.

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  Panasonic Epilator for women Epilady Epilator for Women and men Remington Rechargeable Epilator for women
Features Panasonic Epilady Remington
Power Dual speed and excellent tweezers. Ruling since 1980s. Complaints about tweezers.
Wet or dry Both available Both available Cordless is better.
Battery Less battery life. High battery life. Moderate battery life.
Material Hypoallergenic material. High Carbon stainless steel and plastic. High carbon yield steel and plastic.
Design Ergonomic design. Elegant look Excellent grip in hands.
Accessories Less extra accessories. More accessories. Moderate.
Price & Warranty Average price and warranty of 2 years along with money-back guarantee. A little higher price and warranty of 1 year in most the items. Fewer prices with a warranty of two years along with a money-back guarantee.