How to Choose the Best Epilator? – Features & Specifications to Check

Choose the Best Epilator

Choosing the right epilator can be very tough. This is mostly because the companies have been producing a large number of epilators to satisfy customer needs and gain more sales. Every one of them is coming up with bunches of details and highlights. A large portion of the epilator at present time is designed for a particular reason. Epilator these days are intended to play out for a specific area. Epilators are specially designed for different body parts like the face, legs, armpits, bikini line, etc.

In this article, I will discuss how to choose the best epilator and what features and specifications to check before purchasing one.

01. Number & Material of Tweezers in Epilator  

The most important thing to look at before choosing an epilator is the number and materials of tweezers of the device. The accuracy of an epilator relies upon the number of tweezers present in the epilator. The higher is the quantity of tweezers, the more effective is the epilator.  

On the other hand, the more tweezers of an epilator indicate a higher speed. This is the reason while thinking about your purchase; you have to consider the number of tweezers related to which territories of the body you will be covering.​

The first tweezers model epilator was presented with 3 tweezers. In modern times, the epilators are presented with a diverse number of tweezers based on the customer needs which are expanded by the effectiveness. Presently, companies are making epilators with 72 tweezers.

The right number of tweezers relies on the part of the body you are epilating for. If you are purchasing the epilator for your legs and arms, the more tweezers will be an easy task for you. You can find a lot of epilators with at least 40 tweezers in the epilating head.

But if you are searching for an epilator for your armpits, swimsuit lining, and private areas, you should search for epilators with less number of tweezers. The quantity of tweezers for Brazilian areas is 10 or around this number. The smaller sized epilators will be better for these territories as it will amplify the bottom of the hairs. And you will not be hurting yourself.

If you have sensitive skin, you must take a look at the material of the tweezers. In most cases, all the tweezers are made of treated steel and that is not risky for most skin types. But in case of really sensitive skin, you should go with the antiallergenic materials or high carbon yield stainless steel tweezers.

02. Cordless/ Cord Epilator:

Epilators can be with or without cord. The corded epilators are to be used by connecting with an electric socket. On the other hand, you do not need to connect to the socket in the case of cordless epilators.

The upside of a cordless epilator is that this epilator can be moved everywhere on the body with ease. The corded epilators cannot be moved unreservedly and are not adaptable to use flexibly. So before you purchase an epilator ensure it is not corded if you are someone who likes to epilate in a bathtub. But as the cordless epilators work with a battery, you must check the battery capacity with the end goal that you can finish the epilating properly. If you can make the right choice, your experience will be better with the cordless epilator surely. Due to the flexible movement, it is very simple to utilize the device anyplace you need to.

Moreover, with cordless epilators, cleaning up or shower with you is a choice. I like the cordless feature, yet a negative is that you generally need to make sure to charge them. Cordless epilators can be inconsistent and no one can tell when the battery will quit working.

The corded epilators are those that must be connected to be utilized. This can be a decent choice since you realize that your charge will never bite the dust. Although the line can be irritating, and you surely cannot utilize this kind of epilator in the shower or bath. When discussing how to pick an epilator, I unquestionably lean toward corded models since they are all more enduring.

03. Waterproof (Dry or wet) Epilator:

Epilators with tweezers are of two kinds i.e. Dry epilator and wet epilator. Dry epilators can be utilized on dry skin while wet epilators can be used on both dry and wet skin.

 Wet epilators can be utilized under shower or baths. Wet epilators are best reasonable for delicate skin and are more costly than dry epilators. Utilizing the epilator under the water makes epilating simple as it opens the pores. Wet epilator lessens torment, rashes, and redness or knocks on the skin. Another thing is if you want to use the dry epilator, this will be long-lasting for sure. I recommend a dry epilator due to durability and consistency.

But if a wet epilator is your choice, you should pick a cordless, high powered, and rechargeable epilator. These are incredible because utilizing a waterproof epilator in the shower decreases the torment by a huge edge and provides flexibility.

04. Shaving/Trimming option of Epilator:

Modern epilators come with various capacities to make them a more alluring suggestion for the users. One regular feature is the expansion of a shaver head to give the epilator a double reason. This gives evident preferences with no compelling reason to keep multiple gadgets for shaving and epilating. Moreover, this is a real time saver and comes in handy during the trip and traveling.

 If you choose to decide on an epilator with a shaving feature, simply be certain that the shaver head is of acceptable quality with trimmer and brush and has not been included by the company to increase the price. You will find two distinct heads with this type of epilator. One will be the epilating head and the other one is the shaving head. You can pick the head which you need. On the off chance that you do not have time and need to prepare within a short time, you can go for shaving. If you have enough time, you can utilize the epilator head to eliminate your hair for all time.

Fortunately, you can find three heads with an epilator for epilating, trimming, and removing buffer. These additional heads incorporate with buffers and shaver for hair managing. The arrangement of these two heads makes it feasible for you to deal with your all beautification needs. It is an all in one apparatus to decorate you in within a very short time.

05. Design of the Epilator:

Surely, you do not want to carry a device that does not look good and do not provide proper grip in your hand. There are various things to check in an epilator design including ergonomic bodies, with different shapes and handles.

Some epilators are larger and heavier than others while some have delicate touch grasps or more thin handles. So, you need to choose it based on the size of your hand and the body area where you want to use it.

So, this truly is an issue for individual inclination however you must consider where you need to utilize the epilator and how simple it will be to reach.

For instance, the larger epilators may not be as simple to use for the swimsuit line although it can be perfectly fitted within your hands.

You have to hold the epilator at the right angle to the skin holding it immovably and it will support you well with less pain. So, you must pick the one that feels overall quite agreeable in your grasp. ​

06. The Cap Features in Epilator: 

Most epilators will have at least one covers which are connected to the epilator head based on what part of the body you are epilating. Regularly, there will be a delicate region cap for use on underarms and private areas. And if the epilator is intended for facial use, there will be a facial cap. These caps will have an impact on the tweezers to use the right number and provide less pain. This makes the work less excruciating for the delicate regions while expanding the measure of accuracy.

There might be a productivity cap to assist you in accomplishing the right angle for ideal results.​

Some epilators have kneaded covers. These are intended to make the job more flexible by using rollers to extend and massage the skin while epilating.

07. Speed variation:

The speed setting option is another significant element to be looked at before purchasing an epilator. The skin of various body parts needs diverse speed levels. For instance, the thighs and arm skin are firm and tough for which you will need quick epilating. For underarms and private areas, you will need less speed.

There are numerous advanced epilator models accessible with variable speed setting levels. The specification of the epilators intended for full-body use should have a double speed work. It should be slow for delicate regions and quicker for tough and hard areas. It should be noted that cordless facial epilators have an only one-speed mode.​

08. Brush & Mirror: 

Modern epilators come with various extra features and accessories. If you are willing to spend more, you should choose which provides extra benefits like a brush and mirror. A few epilators feature a brush as an extra benefit.

I get it that it is a special reward but I believe that the best ones are those that are provided with some extra features too. It is a straightforward issue to buy an epilator with a shedding brush. So, it is completely your decision.

Some Braun epilators have a peeling brush which also provides a small mirror with it. I would state that these are generally convenient additional items. It has to be noted that the package epilator comes at a higher cost than regular epilators. But the package can be really handy in case of a small space in your bag and travel.

09. Head Features:

The size of the epilators is a critical factor in deciding the time taken by the epilator to take care of the work. If you need to eliminate hair from your legs and arms, it is smarter to have a bigger head. Then again, the epilator best for private parts is the one that has a more modest head size. As the armpits and Brazilian areas are very congested, it is very hard to utilize the bigger head at such a spot. So, the best to choose an epilator by which you can have an all-in-one function is to go for a medium-sized one.

10. Top Epilator Brands:

There are hundreds of epilator companies in the market. Each of them is producing thousands of models every year. Although most of the companies show great features and specifications in their models. The real situation is different. So, it is always safe to choose an epilator from a renowned brand that has already gained fame for creating excellent epilators. So, below I listed my top six epilator companies who have earned the trust of their users over the years.

  • Panasonic:
    Panasonic is my first choice when it comes to trimming or hair removal device although comes with a little higher price. Panasonic epilators are the absolute best and beast in the epilator business. You may think about the mighty Panasonic since they make huge loads of various electric items.Most Panasonic epilators are waterproof and long-lasting. So, you can utilize this in the shower with no issue. It will cull out your wet hair. Moreover, the heads are water waterproof too. So, you can wash them off after use. This will keep up cleanliness just as perfect hair eliminating without fail. I am using a Panasonic epilator for almost two years now. It is working great still.
  • Phillips: Philips is a multinational company that is eminent for making incredible gadgets. The organization started its journey in 1891 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Philips epilator is one of the most flexible epilators in the market.I figure its highlights and execution responds to your inquiry. Although it is somewhat expensive, it is worth the cash. Let me disclose to you why. The models of Phillips have artistic plates that help you to have a sustaining smooth skin that other costly epilators do not have. Moreover, some Phillips epilator has a functioning hair lifter that causes you to get the level of lying hairs.If you utilized an epilator previously, you would comprehend the issue of the level lying hair. The Phillips epilators make an ideal way of leveling hairs compared to other companies.
  • Braun: Braun was established in 1921 in Germany by a man named Max Braun. They make various types of items. Braun has been furnishing young ladies with a ton of magnificent items. In this way, with the constant arrangement of valuable items with cutting edge highlights, they have become a confided in the brand among ladies. The company grabbed the opportunity of business when on one else was making quality epilators.
  • Remington: You may have observed Remington epilator reviews on different websites. But I will talk a little more about the brand. Remington is a producer of shavers, epilators, and other beauty products for women. The organization started in 1816 but did not start making beauty items until 1937. They previously began making electric shavers. A brand of epilators entrenched in the market; Remington gives a scope of epilators to the women who are searching particularly for usefulness. Remington makes brilliant epilators for beginners which are exceptionally little and lightweight. The Remington Epilator has the essential advantage of being extra modest in terms of price. If you are under budget and still want a proper epilator with a lot of features, Remington is your choice.
  • Emoji: Emjoi is one of the most famous epilator makers available. Going solid since the beginning, the Emoji epilators contains more tweezers than some other epilator available. An incredible 72 tweezers the epilator is their major creation. I truly like the Emjoi brand since they have been around for a long time now, and they concentrate practically on epilators. Dissimilar to a portion of different brands recorded here, Emjoi does not play in different regions with different kinds of machines. You can discover exactly what you are searching for with Emjoi epilators.
  • Epilady:
    The Epilady is a legendary name in the epilator industry. The brand has gathered incredible notoriety among men and women. Epilady epilators are publicized for their most grounded and quickest features. Epilady is regarded as one of the top makers of epilators on the planet. They began making epilators in 1986 when they were first getting exceptionally well known for ladies’ items. They have a huge collection of models to browse.

11. Weight:

The weight of an epilator varies with the purpose of use. The epilator especially suited for all body will weigh more. And the epilators for bikini lines tend to be much lighter. Still, you should not go for an epilator that weighs more than 400 grams.

12. Price & Warranty: 

Since we live in reality, the subject of cash is constantly included when purchasing something we need.

Epilators are not amazingly costly gadgets particularly when you consider that it is a device that will keep going for a few years. A $35 spending plan can get you an essential corded one. On the other hand, a more generous spending plan around $90 can offer you the chance of getting a high-quality epilator. Even a $50 epilator can eliminate hair effectively.

Fancier ones, similar to those that can be utilized under the shower or those accompanying more caps for various areas can cost up to $200. This factor should never be forgotten about. You should consistently search at the cost label that you can bear. There are a few epilators that take care of their responsibility consummately and are not excessively costly. If you have an ordinary skin type, you can spend less. If you have allergic and sensitive skin, you should search for anti-allergic material.

The last thing you want to check while purchasing an epilator is the warranty. Large companies make better epilators. So, they do not have any problems proving a long time warranty. Companies have been providing warranties for years now. So, you should not choose an epilator that has less than a year of warranty.

Recommendation for Epilators

There are numerous hair expulsion gadgets and strategies accessible. It is your own decision of what procedure you pick and make yourself agreeable. But I investigated all the hair expulsion procedures. Beginning from utilizing a razor, trimmer, electric shaver, hair expulsion creams, epilating, and waxing.

Presently I pick the epilating method since it is more affordable. Epilating is less difficult than waxing. It grows the hairs slowly, provides adaptability, and serves with less pain. The most important thing that you will need to consider with regards to buying an epilator is the amount of cash you are willing to spend. You will find a lot of epilator surveys. A large portion of those items can get very expensive. But that does not imply that you cannot discover the one that accommodates your spending plan.

You will need to consider whether you need a battery charged epilator or the one that should be connected while using. You need to keep in mind if you want to run in the shower. These are the most decent highlights to check. For more features, they may cost more. You should take a look at the speed levels of the epilators if you are thinking about the number of heads they have on them.

In conclusion, it should be highly noted that the best epilator for another person may not be the best for you. So, I highly recommend following the features and specifications described above to make the right choice. Lastly, let us know your experience with us, and feel free to ask us anything about hair removal.