How much does an epilator cost?

How much does an epilator cost

If you are wishing to have super smooth skin with a long-lasting result, then an epilator is the right choice for you. Every hair removal method has its positive and dark sides. So is epilation. Epilation is a slightly painful process until you get used to it. But considering the price and other factors, it gives the best and long-lasting result. Before buying an epilator, you might want to know how much an epilator actually costs.

Both cheap and expensive epilators are available to meet specific purposes. You will get the basic epilators for around 20-25 dollars and the expensive ones will cost a maximum of 200 dollars. For this huge price variation, it’s normal for a newbie to get confused. There might be so many questions like why this price variation happens and is it really worthy. Without knowing the real facts and prices, you will end up buying an overpriced epilator or waste some extra bucks on unnecessary features. Well, don’t worry my friend, we will fulfill all your curiosity and give you a proper idea about the epilator price.

Before proceeding to the main part, you should know what exactly an epilator is and how it works. An epilator is an electric device that pulls out hair by gripping multiple hairs altogether. An epilator has multiple tweezers. These tweezers can hold very small hair and pull them out from the root without harming the skin surface. By moving the epilator throughout the skin, all the unwanted hair can be removed.

Some epilators are multipurpose. They can also be used as a shaver or trimmer. And some of them offer many other facilities like massaging, exfoliating, etc. These features and specifications cause price variation. So, let’s discuss different brand’s epilators and different types of epilator’s costs. The higher the performance the higher the price. So, let’s take a quick look at the table that I have made for you.

Brand’s namePrice range
Philips Beauty35-135

Value of an epilator

Any device or product shouldn’t only be purchased by seeing its price tag. Rather, focus on its value. Modern epilators are convertible into shaver or trimmer. These epilators can add more value. The durability of the machine, performance, and features play a vital role in adding value. You won’t be happy to buy an epilator that gives you less service than you paid. So, by judging the value of an epilator you can say if the epilator is overpriced or not.

Responsible factors for price variations:

Well, as we already know that the price of an epilator can vary from cheap to expensive, we should know the factors for this price variation. Price may vary according to its performance, features, material, longevity, and other staff. We will discuss the key factors for an epilator that are responsible for the ups and downs of price.

Dry or wet option: Dry or wet option of an epilator affects the price. The dry or wet option indicates the ability to epilate on dry or wet skin. Some are dry epilators and some are wet. Dry epilators are comparatively cheap than wet epilators. Because the wet epilator needs to be waterproof and cordless. That’s why the cost of wet epilators is higher than the dry ones. Some epilators have both dry and wet options. They are a bit pricy than the others.

Corded or battery powered: The power source of an epilator is also responsible for price variation. Epilators’ power source can be of two types: corded and cordless. For corded epilators, it costs low. Because manufacturing a corded device is less costly than a cordless device. Cordless devices are easy to operate and can be moved easily throughout the body. The cordless devices need a battery to operate. Epilators normally use lithium-ion batteries for the power source. So, considering these facts, if an epilator is cordless, it will have a higher price than the corded epilators.

Speed variation:Some of the epilators has speed variation feature. This is the speed of pulling out hair from your body. All parts of our body are not equally sensitive. In some parts of your body, you will feel more pain than in other parts. So, changing the epilation speed will result in a less painful operation. Speed variation can be of two modes or three modes. The more number of modes make the machine versatile. And so for the price. Cheap epilators don’t have a speed variation setting. So, it will cost you some more money if you want this setting in your epilator. And the versatile the setting, the higher the price is.

Area of epilation: The epilator price depends on which place it will work. Some epilators work well on the face and some work well on the body. Commonly basic epilators are used for legs. But if you want to use them on the other parts of your body, you will need to use some attachments with the epilators. Areas like face, underarm, bikini lines need to be used with dedicated attachments. These will increase the cost of the device. For the face, epilators should be small and gentle. So their price will be different. Some epilators are capable of removing from both face and body. They will cost you more. For sensitive skin, the tweezer material should be antiallergenic. For those, the price will be higher.

The number of tweezers: The number of tweezers plays a vital role in epilator price. An epilator can have a different number of tweezers. Even you will find an epilator that has just 1 tweezer. Normally epilator’s tweezer number varies from 3 to 72. The higher number of tweezers indicates faster operation. So, considering the tweezer amount, the price varies. Normally, a fewer number of tweezers are found in face epilators. They cover a small area. Their prices are different from the body epilator’s price. Epilators that are perfect for legs and arms have the highest number of epilators. They are sometimes painful. A higher number doesn’t always indicate a higher price. But it sometimes depends on how those tweezers work.

Pain of epilation: We all know that epilation can be a bit painful. Because during epilation, hairs are removed from roots. Manufacturers are trying to bring new features for minimizing the pain of epilating. Most of them offer extra attachments for minimizing pains. But they actually slow down the process by plucking less hair. It results in less pain. For those attachments, the price may vary. Some epilator has a massage option to reduce pain. Having this option will result in high price. The pain is least in dry and wet epilators. As you know, these epilators are a bit pricy than other epilators.

Replaceable shaver and trimmer head: An epilator can be used as a multipurpose device. If you want to turn your epilator into a shaver or trimmer, it is very much possible. Some of the epilators have removable heads for shaver and trimmer. You can just fit the shaver head on the device, then it will work as an electric shaver. But you can’t do this with any cheap epilators. You need to spend a decent amount to buy a good epilator that has these features. Having shaving and trimmer heads will allow you to do versatile work with the device. So, you don’t need to buy those machines separately. So, it lets the price go higher.

Extra caps: The price of an epilator also depends on its compatibility with different caps. Many brands provide safety cap, gentle cap, bikini line comb, facial hair removal cap, sensitive area cap, contact cap, and many other types of extra cap andaccessory. These caps make your work easier. So, if any brand offers you more extra caps, they will definitely charge you more. So, these extra caps also play a role in price variations.

Additional features: As you know, more feature means more money. That means if an epilator offers you so many features, that will be an expensive one. For example, basic epilators are cheap, but expensive epilators areversatile and multipurpose. Some of the best additional features are exfoliating, massaging, cleansing, etc. To get these additional features, you have to pay a higher price. Alongside these, many brands use their own technology and features to improve their epilators’ quality and this has a direct effect on price.

Price of Barun epilator

Barun is the leading brand of epilator industry. They make premium quality epilators with exciting features. Barun has multiple series of epilators. Their epilators price starts from 40 dollars. You will find epilators in the 40-220 dollars price range. They have launched 4 series of epilators. Among them, series 3 is for the basic and cheapest epilators. Series 5 epilators are found in the 60-70 dollars range and series 7 is a bit higher. Series 9 is their latest and high-end epilator which will cost you more than a hundred bucks.

Barun epilator

Price of Philips Beauty epilator

Philips is a popular brand for making different types of electronic devices. They also produce some best quality epilators. The price range of Philips epilator is 35-135 dollars. You will get a basic Philips epilator for below 40 dollars. They are good for the legs and arms. But if you want to buy their high-end series, then you need to spend more than a hundred bucks.

Price of Emjoi epilator

Epilator Emjoi is a popular brand for making epilators and pedicure devices and accessories. Emjoi epilators are budget friendly. You can get an Emjoi epilator in the 20 to 70 dollars price range. Their entry level epilator is available at below 20 dollars. They have some models which will cost you around 30 to 40 dollars.

Price of Remington epilator

Remington is a well-known brand for hair removal devices. Their epilators have gained some popularity too. Though they didn’t launch so many versions in the market, the existing ones will fulfill your demand. They have epilators in the 40 to 70 dollar price range. Their body epilators will cost you less than 50 dollars and face epilators will cost you around 70.

Price of Panasonic epilator

Well, Panasonic is a leading electric device maker. They have a wide range of products for skincare and epilation. Panasonic doesn’t have any cheap epilator. Their epilator’s price range is around 80 to 130 dollars. The reason for a higher price is that these epilators can also be used as an electric shaver. Their ESEL series epilators can be purchased for under 130 dollars.

Price of Epilady epilator

Epilady is one of the best brands for making epilators. They provide epilators at a reasonable price. Their epilators are budget friendly and long lasting. Yet they have so many options too. You can getEpilady epilator’s within 15-60 dollars. The facial and sensitive area epilator is the cheapest as it is priced around 15 dollars. You will get dry/wet epilator for around 40 dollars. Their most expensive epilator costs around 60 dollars.

Price of Oocome epilator

Oocome brand has brought some products in their beauty line. They sell epilators at a reasonable price. They have few products in their lineup. They offer a shaver plus epilator at a very low cost. Their price starts from around 20 dollars. In their product line, the highest rate of a product is around 35 dollars. They are rechargeable and waterproof in this price range.

Price of Conair epilator

Conair is a popular brand for producing skincare devices. Their trimmers and epilators are top indemand. They have some finest body epilators. Their epilators cost between 20 to 40 dollars price range. You will get a satiny series epilator for under 25 dollars. If you want a cordless epilator then you have to raise your budget to 40 dollars.

Price of Voyor epilator

Voyor brand is one of those who make great epilators. Their epilators are loved by their users. Voyor has brought cordless epilators at a really affordable price. Their epilator price range is around 25 to less than 40 dollars. The rechargeable epilators can also be used as a shaver. You can have one for only around 25 dollars.

Price of other brand’s epilator

There are some other brands that also make epilators. Most of them have just one product in their lineup. Yet they are loved by their customer. E-conoro, Watolt, Kojintora etc. brand has produced some epilators. These epilators are found in between 20 to 50 dollars price range.

The final thought

After reading this article, I hope you’ve got a total idea about the price of an epilator. Not all brands provide every feature. So, their prices are not the same. But considering the facts, avoid buying overpriced products.