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With summer, the time comes to expose more parts of our body so that, both men and women, we worry more about keeping our waxing up to date. Although we should take it into account throughout the year, now is when we really want to show off smooth and soft skin, so we are going to review the different techniques and methods that exist, in order to help you choose which of them suits you, depending on the occasion.

Among the most used “home” methods, we have depilatory creams and the blade. The former are inexpensive, less painful than waxing, and also last longer than the razor method. It is a good option among all the available techniques, but you must bear in mind that it does not pull out the hair by the roots: it dissolves them in just a few minutes thanks to products derived from sulfur (salts of thioglycolic acid) that transform the hair keratin into a dough that can be easily removed.

Razor hair removal is the simplest, cheapest, fastest, and most practical method. The biggest drawback of this system is that hair grows quickly and in an anarchic way, not to say that it does so in greater quantity and with greater hardness. If what you are looking for is a system to wax your groin, forget about this one …

The wax method is one of the oldest and most effective techniques, although somewhat painful. It is generally used for legs, groin, and armpits. It lasts between 3 and 4 weeks and we find it in hot, warm, and cold variants. Hot wax is not recommended for people who suffer from varicose veins or circulatory problems. It is also not advisable for people with a lot of hair since trying to remove too much hair can be a painful and prolonged session. Warm wax is the one most used today since among its advantages is that it does not affect people with circulatory problems. Perfect hair removal is achieved to the roots and does not leave the skin red.

Laser hair removal allows long-lasting hair removal and is virtually painless. This method allows the destruction of the hair bulb without affecting the adjacent tissues by selective thermolysis. The duration of the treatment depends on the amount of hair to be removed, the extension of the area to be treated, the color of your skin, and the thickness and color of your hair. Generally, 4 to 6 months are necessary (one session per month), since hair grows in cycles and must be eliminated in the appropriate cycle. As the laser only works on dark areas due to melanin, it is not efficient for white or very light hair.

Pulsed light waxing lightens hair for long-lasting removal. This technique is close to laser hair removal, with the difference that it is not a laser beam but an intense light distributed by pulses thanks to a lamp called “flash”.

Definitive electric hair removal offers the most effective long-term solution to finally forget about the hair. It consists of burning, one by one, the cells responsible for hair growth. A fine needle is inserted into the root of each hair, and it is destroyed thanks to the heat that it emits through a brief electrical discharge.

We will advise you on the method that best suits you. It is known that hair removal in the beauty center usually lasts much longer than that performed at home, but that the result is much more perfect.